3 Types Of Home Security Systems You Can Install

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Security should be a priority in your home if you want to keep your property and possessions safe. If you live in a crime hot spot and are concerned about your home being targeted, it should always be in mind. There are many types of systems that vary in price and functionality on the market. If you're thinking about installing a home security system but are unsure of which one to get, here are three types of systems that may work best for you.

Wireless Security Alarm Systems

These security systems are very convenient to install. They use sensors that communicate with a central control unit using radio frequencies or infrared beams. They're ideal for you if you want a temporary system or live in a rented home. Examples of wireless security alarm systems include wireless motion sensors, passive infrared detectors, and beam break systems.

Wireless systems work in three phases, namely, detection, annunciation, and monitoring. In the detection phase, the sensor is activated when it detects movement. When this happens, the attached annunciator lets you know by sounding an alarm or lighting up a light bulb. Monitoring is done through a wireless receiver or a cellular device and lets you know there's a threat in your home. Once you've gotten this signal, you can call the police immediately.

Unmonitored Security Systems

Unmonitored security systems work by allowing you to arm and disarm them via a key fob. When the alarm is triggered, they let out a deafening siren that can be heard from a few blocks away. The alarm will continue to sound until deactivated by the key fob.

These types of systems are great if your home requires more than just a few minutes of protection. It allows homeowners with multiple properties to have peace of mind. It's best to let a professional installer set them up for you because they require a lot of precision. Some examples of unmonitored security systems include sirens, strobe lights, vibration sensors, smoke alarms, and more.

Wired Security Systems

Wired systems come with a control panel that is connected to an alarm. When the system is triggered, it sets off a siren that sounds until you enter a code to stop or disarm it. It also comes with a series of sensors that can be installed at doors, windows, and other entry points for increased security.

Additionally, this system comes with a keypad that allows you to arm and disarm it easily. You may also get more than one control panel to enable you to access it from different locations. The best part of this system is its reliability. Since there aren't any complex components needed for activation, it is always going to work.

There are many types of home security systems that you can install in your home. The features and functions you would like to have will influence the system you choose.

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