Projector Rental Add-Ons To Enhance Outdoor Viewing

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Renting a professional projector is a great way to host events, display movies, and gather large groups together for a memorable time. Along with a projector rental, you can add on services and features to enhance the viewing experience. Check out of some the add-ons that will enhance the viewing experience and improve the ways a projector is used.

FM Radio Transmitter

When you rent a projector, you will have a high-quality picture, but you also need to consider the sound projector. Sound disperses differently outdoors than it would in a bedroom or typical movie theater. One way to provide extra sound sources is with an FM radio transmitter. A transmitter connects to a projector and is set to an unused frequency in your area.

People can listen to the movie audio inside a vehicle or through any portable radio. Some phones also feature FM tuners to access the stations directly. When viewers have access to personal audio, you do not need to worry about sound quality and can ensure everyone enjoys the movie.


The rental of a projector also means you need to have a power source to properly run the equipment. If you are using a large field or backyard, you may not have easy access to outlets. As an alternative to running power cables, consider the use of a power generator. A generator will run for the duration of projector use and is equipped to handle all the power needed.

The use of a generator really opens up your options for visual display. You can choose all different areas for the projector and find the perfect spot without the need to connect to the grid.

Media Players

Many projectors will include input options for USB ports and media cards, but you could add on other forms of media players as well. For example, you may choose to play a Blu-Ray disc movie. A projector rental company may provide the Blu-Ray player or other media players like a DVD player, or you can use one that you already have.

The connection cables are also included and you have the option to let a technician connect everything together and ensure the whole screen is set up properly. When you use the projector in an isolated area, access to streaming services could be limited. A disc player is often the best option for smooth playing and stability.

Plan out your add-ons ahead of time so you know exactly what you're getting and have the best options for a proper outdoor viewing experience.

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