Want Added Security For Your Home? Install Retractable Security Grilles On Your Windows

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If you have an alarm system installed, you likely already feel secure. This is especially true if you have a system that connects to a security company who can contact authorities immediately if the alarm goes off. No matter what type of security you have for your home, you can install security grills on the windows to make your home even safer for you and your family. Below is information about security grilles, as well as benefits they offer you.

Security Grilles

Security grilles are installed on the inside of each window and made of highly durable steel. When an intruder breaks the glass, they become face to face with the grille. The way the grille is installed it is very difficult to remove and would take the intruder a considerable amount of time to do so. This gives you extra time to contact authorities and to stay safe until help arrives. The intruder will likely leave the premises on their own because they have to take extra time to break in.

Retractable security grilles are easy to fold back to open and close. They can also be locked in different areas of the grille, such at night while you are sleeping. There is a single key to unlock each lock.

Security Grille Benefits

Besides offering extra security for your home there are many benefits of installing security grilles including:


Because the security grilles are installed inside the window, they are unobtrusive. This is much better than installing security bars, which are generally installed outside the window and are easily seen. When the grille is folded back you can hide it under a curtain to make it even more unobtrusive.

Low in Maintenance

You do not have to do regular maintenance on a security grille. This is because the grilles are opened and closed manually which means you don't have to worry about electronic parts going bad. To keep the grill clean you only need to wipe it down with a damp cloth.


Security grilles are much less expensive when compared to other types of window security, such as rolling shutters. Even though this is true they still provide the same amount of security.

Talk to a security company that installs security grilles and they can give you much more information about them. This can help you decide if this would be a good option for your home.

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