Is Your Business In A Flood Zone This Hurricane Season? Protect Your Data With Hosted Cloud Services

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Hurricanes are a devastating type of storm that can cause serious issues with your business. For example, they can trigger floods that sweep through your building and destroy your computers. When this happens, there is a good chance that you could lose all of your critical data.

Floods Can Devastate Your Computers

Most businesses store a majority of their data on computers these days. This is often safer than paper storage because it is more likely to survive the years. Just as importantly, it is also more easy to access and can be backed up in multiple ways. However, that data is likely to disappear if a flood of water washes through your building and destroys your computers.

Of all the other damage that a hurricane causes to a business, this type of data loss is probably the worst. For example, you can always rebuild your front door, tear out the carpet, and add new walls to your building after a flood. Though it's not cheap, it is possible to rebuild the structure of your building after a serious hurricane.

Unfortunately, data loss is something that is much harder to manage. While some data recovery services may help to restore some of your flood-damaged data, a large portion of it may be gone for good. That loss can mess up your business by making it more difficult to track your cash flow or other elements of your business. Minimize that risk by getting hosted off-site cloud services before hurricane season hits. 

How Hosted Cloud Services Can Help 

If you are worried that your business could be affected by a flood during the hurricane season, it might be time to start looking into hosted cloud services. These businesses provide your company with the kind of protection that you need for your data including:

  • Off-site data storage
  • Cloud storage with multiple backup destinations
  • Easy accessibility from multiple locations
  • Simple-to-edit and input data

The best thing about hosted cloud services is that these companies will take care of your data for you in a way that ensures it is protected. For example, they will create backups that are stored on other servers to ensure that, even if one server fails, your data is protected. And thankfully, you can pick a cloud storage site located away from a flood zone.

So if you are eyeing up the upcoming hurricanes this year and are worried that your company is in the path of one of these storms, don't hesitate to get hosted cloud services. It's one of the best investments you can make for your business and an obvious one at that.

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