4 Question To Ask Yourself Before Getting Your Screen Repaired

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It has happened to all of us. A sudden drop has left our cellphones shattered and our hearts broken. 'It all happened so fast' has been thought and muttered many a time, but now it is time to figure out what to do with the problem. Do you go to the dealer or have a friend fix it? Or hey, can you just figure it out alone? Before you make any rash decisions, take these questions into consideration.

1. Do you have insurance on the device? An insured device is the ideal of all shattered screens. For a low fee you will have your screen intact in no time. Simply take it to the dealer. Some companies can have your screen repaired in under an hour. Other companies will have you mail in your device and will send you a new one. Make sure to keep your SIM card in order to both protect yourself and keep your data in tact. Backing up your device on your computer is another good idea to make sure you do not lose your data.

2. Are you okay with off-brand repairs? When using off-brand products you run the risk of something being incompatible with your phone. For example, many iPhone users have been hit with the dreaded 'Error 53' after their screens were replaced by someone besides the Apple Support. This is due to a security tool Apple built into the touch ID/home button. Competent individuals will know how to get around this little problem, but if you don't know, it may be best to just pay the money and get it done right. 

3. Are you ready to part with this phone? Though it seems counterintuitive, there are many organizations who buy broken phones. A quick Google search can put you on the right track to finding one of these companies. Depending on how long you have had the phone, you may even talk to your cell phone provider about selling it back in its current condition and getting an upgrade. 

4. Are you pretty tech savvy? Depending on your level of expertise, you may be just fine figuring out how to make the repair yourself. There are many online guides and Youtube videos that can walk you through how to do the repair, just make sure to look at the reviews before you choose which one you will use. Some helpful individuals online may cause more damage than help.

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