Tips For Hiring A Managed IT Service Provider For Your Auto Repair Shop

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As the owner of an automotive repair shop, it is important you take advantage of today's powerful software available for managing your business. However, since you may not be an information technology expert, it's a good idea to contract out your IT work to a managed IT service provider who can advise you and manage this part of your business for you. 

To choose the best managed IT support service provider for your auto shop, follow each of these important tips:

Tip: Interview Multiple Companies Before You Choose One to Contract With

When looking for a service provider to manage your auto shop's IT functions, you should meet with as many providers in your area as possible. Just as you should always interview multiple real estate agents before selling your home, you need to do the same before partnering with a company to handle your computer network and software. Meeting with multiple providers helps you compare their services against each other and then choose the company you feel the most comfortable partnering with.

Tip: Ask Providers what Services they Offer and the Hours their Technicians are Available

When you are interviewing managed IT service providers, it is vital you ask about both their technicians' skills and also the hours they are available to service your shop's needs. For example, if your garage is open on the weekends, will there be a technician available to come out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon if your computer network crashes or your mechanics aren't able to get the job tracking software to work? If technicians are available on the weekends and after traditional business working hours, are they also skilled and qualified to work on your technology or will you have to wait until the IT company opens for business on Monday?

Tip: Work with a Managed IT Service Provider with Many Years of Industry Experience

It is important to note you should only trust your auto repair shop's IT services to a company with many years of relevant experience in the industry. To find a company that is qualified, you should ask other auto repair shops in your area and find out which managed service provider they use. 

Finally, when you meet with the IT companies to ask about working with them, make sure you ask if they have any other customers who own auto garages. If not, then move on and keep looking for one who does.

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