3 Ways To Make Your Legal Marketing Retreat More Successful

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New cases are the lifeblood of any law firm. It's important that each attorney working within a firm is doing his or her part to attract new clients throughout the year. Marketing is a skill that might not come naturally to an attorney, but it's one that every law firm needs to emphasize.

Participation in a marketing retreat designed to improve your firm's legal marketing efforts can help you experience greater success over the coming year. Read on to learn how. 

1. Identify changes in the legal landscape.

Many people are drawn to the legal field because this field changes constantly. No law firm operates within a static environment, and changes within the legal field can have a dramatic impact on the way you market your firm's services to potential clients.

Legislative changes can alter the way you practice law. Your firm might choose to expand by offering a new type of legal service. A newsworthy case might be on the horizon for your firm. Each of these changes can render an old marketing plan obsolete.

Be sure that you use your legal marketing retreat to discuss how changes in the legal landscape will affect your ability to draw new clients in the future.

2. Review the previous year's marketing efforts.

Most law firms don't want to start from scratch when it comes to creating an effective marketing plan. A legal marketing retreat provides you with the perfect opportunity to review any marketing efforts made in the previous year.

You should be prepared to present data that will help senior and managing partners determine which marketing avenues were most productive. A thorough review of the previous year's marketing efforts allows you to eliminate advertising and marketing vehicles that underperform and dedicate more funding to vehicles with a higher return.

3. Invite all essential personnel.

It's easy for a law firm to assume that only managing partners and senior staff members need to participate in a legal marketing retreat. While these individuals are responsible for helping to set marketing goals and budget for marketing ventures throughout the year, they are not the only staff members who can take an active role in the firm's marketing success.

Paralegals, associates, and receptionists typically have far greater levels of interaction with the public as a whole. These gatekeepers can prove to be beneficial marketing allies when they are aware of the firm's specific goals after being invited to participate in a marketing retreat.

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