Overwhelmed By Your Growing Business? Microsoft Has You Covered

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The company that brought you MS OfficeSuite did it again. (No, they did not bring you a new version of OfficeSuite, but something equally as helpful.) They created more business software, now tailored to small and midsize growing businesses. When your business is growing faster than you can manage it, and there is just you and maybe one or two others handling different aspects of the business, you need all the help you can get. Here is how Microsoft Dynamics GP software can help.

Entire Software Package in One Tiny Space

You are probably already familiar with how OfficeSuite takes five to nine different software programs and crams them into less space. That is exactly how this new software package works. You have five large software programs for managing different "departments" in one. Depending on who does what and who is in charge of those "departments," everyone can use the single purchased download to connect to other computers in the office. Better yet, MS just recently announced that consumers will be able to download an app for tablets and smartphones. The app allows everyone working for you to communicate business matters across various platforms.

The Works

Opening this software for the first time, you will see various tabs, each with their own set of tools. One tab is all accounting and financial record-keeping. Another tracks all product inventory, even when shipments are in transit. Another tab is all payroll. There are also tabs for sales and service, and for business analytics, which will be very important to your booming business shortly. Like always, walk-through tutorials are part of software package deal. If you get really stuck, there is a toll-free number to talk to the company's phone reps and troubleshooting reps.

"Plug and Play"

It sounds like a cheesy way to describe this software, but "plug and play" still sums it up well enough. After you get started, you just have to plug in numerical data, and the software automatically updates everything for you. If you make an error and need to back up, no problem. Correct the error, and the auto-update occurs again. As long as you make all data entries in a timely manner, this software will keep your daily operations organized and everything will run like clockwork. If your day gets away from you, set all of the receipts and documents from the day aside and enter them later.

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