Mine, All Mine! What Private Cloud Service Does For You

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You value privacy above most other worldly possessions and intangibles. When you also own a company that has some high-profile clients, then you need even more privacy. When you have a government contract, privacy is not even a question; it is absolutely necessary if you do not want to go to federal prison. So, in all of these instances, you would need private cloud services. Here is what a "private cloud" does for you and your business.

Satisfies Your Own Love of Privacy 

Even if your business did not have a stream of important clients or government contracts, no one from outside the company can poke around in company business. It is yours, all yours, and only you can reveal what you want others to know. A private Cloud stores all your best company secrets and proprietary information and only you and select employees (if applicable) have access.

Draws New Clients to You

Special V.I.P. clients are skittish about dealing with businesses that have public or hybrid Clouds. There is risk involved with having their information and secrets exposed. However, when they hear that you operate using only a private Cloud service, they are more comfortable doing business with you. They know that whatever information they give you is isolated and safe from prying eyes and nosey noses.

Government Agencies Partner with You

Any big-time government agency that wants to partner with your business/company is going to require that you use only private Clouds. If you already use private Cloud service exclusively, then the government agency does not have to worry about that requirement. They can just meet with you and discuss why they want to do business with you and what it is they are looking for. If you can land a government contract where privacy and secrecy are necessary, your business will be doing quite well indeed.

Any Inventions, Discoveries, and/or Patents Remain Yours

When you have a private Cloud, you can store things like blueprints for new inventions, discoveries, and patent information. Nobody else has access, which means these items are well-guarded and well-protected. When it comes time to manufacture, reveal, promote, and/or sell such intellectual property, you can remove said items from your private Cloud by first downloading copies, and then by deleting them from your private Cloud. You can also scale your private Cloud to store even more intellectual property that you want to be protected.

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